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Be Prepared to be Flexible

In challenging times, communications technology needs commercial flexibility

Communications needs for many organisations are changing rapidly. Internally, there are always new technologies appearing and changes in working styles to deal with but there is now, increasingly, the influence of more social and consumer choices affecting the officially deployed systems.

However, unpredictable external factors are also having a significant effect. There are rapid fluctuations in financial and currency markets with ensuing fears of economic uncertainty and downturn. There is disruption to travel from industrial action, terrorism or freak natural events, which create sudden demands and loads on communications systems. Social and political pressures are causing governments to act quickly, sometimes making abrupt changes in legislation, which will have a further significant impact on organisations.

With so many options and diverse demands, it is even harder to make long term decisions about technology solutions. Organisations need to adopt a far more flexible approach to meeting their ongoing communications needs to ensure they have sufficient agility for dealing with shifting commercial, technical, environmental and social issues.

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