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Wireless Remote Access-Options and Considerations for Business

There are currently two viable options for wireless remote access
When considering wireless remote access, the first option that will spring to many people’s minds is WiFi hotspots. The continuing evolution of mobile operator networks, however, has led to the cellular option becoming a viable alternative. Developments in the area of HSDPA are particularly interesting as they allow mobile operators to deliver a more broadband like experience.
Remote access strategies are increasingly embracing both WiFi and cellular
With the current state of play, WiFi continues to be a good option for users who frequently consume a significant amount of bandwidth in predefined public locations, but better coverage and a higher level of convenience makes cellular very attractive for more general purpose use. Blending the two together is often required to meet the range of user demand that frequently exists.
WiMax has future potential, but represents a distraction in the short term
WiMax is currently targeted at high-speed wireless access in fixed locations, but a mobile incarnation is set to emerge at some point. For the time being though, there are still many uncertainties about when enterprise ready mobile WiMax services will be available and the kind of experience they will deliver from a convenience and coverage perspective.
A remote access strategy should ideally avoid lock-in to any network technology
Given the above background, organisations are urged to focus on putting the appropriate access, authentication and security infrastructure into place in a manner that leaves options open from a simple network connectivity perspective in the future. If done in the right way, the remote access strategy will then not be disrupted or derailed as networking technologies and services continue to emerge and evolve.

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