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Consistency versus Connection Speed

Never Mind the Connection Speed, Measure the Connection Quality

In today’s Internet world dominated by on demand Voice, Video and IP-TV, the key to good connection performance is consistent throughput – not fast speeds.

Knowing your Internet speed is slow without providing the means to help resolve the problem is of little value

When discussing Internet connectivity problems the number one complaint is always about speed or the lack of it. End-users relay the same message over and over again, and quite frequently users with Internet service problems are quick to defend their choice of service provider with statements like "But I have a 5 Mbps or a 10 Mbps connection so I shouldn’t have jerky video” or "But the speed tester I use says I can run 9 VoIP lines, so why are my VoIP calls often garbled?”

As speed is the prime criteria when users select an Internet service provider, when they are asked "what is the quality of the service?”, the question is most often met with a puzzled along with the retort, "Quality! What do you mean by quality?”

Speed versus Quality is a crucial issue for measuring bandwidth performance. An example of speed without quality would be like driving a Ferrari during the heavily congested rush hour – while the capability of high speed exists, the speed is not realized due to other factors.

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