Windows 8.1 Screen Issues due to Aggressive Roll-Out

News Article - Thursday, 05 December 2013 18:14

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Only weeks following the release of Windows 8.1, multiple manufacturers are experiencing user issues with the brightness of the screen on new PCs. Users are reporting issues on many of the main manufacturer forums as well as the Windows 8.1 user forums.

This was brought to my attention as I recently purchased a high-end PC and immediately upgraded to 8.1, for reasons that will be obvious to the majority of IT professionals.

Recently, I’ve been unable to adjust screen brightness and using the appropriate ‘fn’ and key combination note that adjusting up or down has no effect.

Perhaps due to the poor reception that W8 received, 8.1 was rolled out aggressively without giving manufacturers fair warning that the update to the OS could impact graphic drivers, an anonymous source at Samsung told me today.

This means that many PC manufacturers are now scrabbling to roll out updates to address the problem, which could take around a month. The other option that is available is to reinstall previous versions of the display drivers or roll back to Windows 8.

According to PC World: "The rocky rollout of Windows 8.1 should serve as a reminder for consumers, software developers, hardware vendors, enterprise IT pros, and Microsoft itself that a period of careful testing and analysis must precede the release and installation of an operating system update.”

"After it shipped on Oct. 17, Windows 8.1 in certain scenarios clashed with incompatible software, crashed due to outdated firmware, and stumbled over unrecognized drivers.”

The issues reported include problems with mouse pointers, boot problems, issues with software incompatibility (iTunes doesn’t work for me), as well as various others.

Of course, the biggest problem that Microsoft immediately faced was with its own product the Surface RT, which caused many users to experience the dreaded BSOD on upgrade.

This caused Microsoft to immediately pull the update for the OS for Surface RT, causing some embarrassment given that the Surface is its first outing into tablet computers and PC hardware in general.

For Microsoft as a company, it’s further evidence that OS software is often released too soon, effectively using the public as guinea pigs when it comes to their products.

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