Video conferencing is a 'popular meeting room solution'

News Article - Wednesday, 19 October 2011 11:54

Category: Connectivity

New research has shown that 78 per cent of businesses are either using or planning to use video conferencing in their companies' meeting rooms - outpacing the uptake of desktop video conferencing. The technology is quickly becoming a mainstream solution among businesses and it seems that the next phase of growth will be in desk-based adoption, which offers access to individual employees.

According to InformationWeek Research's Desktop Video Conferencing: Ready for its Close-Up report, the primary driving force behind the uptake of the technology is collaboration. Businesses are trying to improve the ways in which employees work together. Collaboration has even overtaken travel cost-savings as the primary reason for adopting video conferencing.

Of those firms surveyed about the use of desk-based conferencing solutions, 96 per cent who said they were planning on adopting the technology claimed they would be running the communications solution on Windows-based PCs. However, iPads and Macs appear to be making inroads into the video conferencing market, InformationWeek Research found.

Recently, Keith Warburton, editor of, claimed that video conferencing was more effective than traditional telephone communication.

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