Video Collaboration in the Cloud Looks Set to Rise in 2013

News Article - Tuesday, 04 December 2012 14:10

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Whilst web-based conferencing is nothing new, a trend we’re likely to see in 2013 is the rise in video collaboration in the workplace. Telecommuting is increasing in popularity and not suprisingly web/cloud-based web meetings are increasingly being adopted as costs lower and they become easy to use.

Frost and Sullivan , a market watcher in the collaboration space, recently noted that although Cisco has been seen as a market leader in the videoconferencing arena, it saw a fall in its revenues last quarter with competitor Polycom edging slightly ahead. But interestingly its the 'new kids on the block' that seem to be making waves as many more cloud based video conferencing and collaboration competitors get in on the act as they recognise an up and coming market.

Brother is one example with OmniJoin, in which users can share resources such as PowerPoint presentations, applications and whiteboards. Meetings can also be recorded for those unable to attend; the service uses cloud to provide videoconferencing servers which makes it easier for users to navigate using a simple interface.

It seems that whilst the videoconferencing market may be somewhat stagnant for the time being, 2013 beckons and the vendors at least are keen to extol the virtues of their technology. Whilst the big boys such as Cisco and Polycom are holding their own, more cloud based video collaborative solutions are popping up all the time, making for an interesting time in the video conferencing market.

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