Polycom Unveils New RealPresence Platform

News Article - Thursday, 22 August 2013 13:03

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Leading video collaboration solutions provider Polycom has announced a new RealPresence platform, RealPresence® Video DualManager™. The company also announced that it has updated its RealPresence® Resource Manager software to version 8.0.

The latter is intended to allow large enterprises and service providers to support up to 50,000 video users to join from a variety of devices and group video systems. The updated platform is ideal for enterprises participating in BYOD schemes and also supports up to 10,000 video collaboration systems.

The new platform provides "resource management, broad call-control support and interoperability” for medium sized businesses and is available on an industry standard server. Using the platform, IT admins will be able to manage video resources and distribute calls.

The RealPresence Video DualManager 400 platform means that IT managers can monitor, provision and report on between 100 and 400 devices and up to 150 video calls all being made at the same time.

"Organisations of all sizes are seeking to equip employees with video collaboration capabilities whether from the road, from home or right from their desks,” said A.E. Natarajan , Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering, Polycom.

"For large enterprises and service providers, the enhanced Resource Manager can help IT support BYOD since it’s optimised for the secure, highly scalable video collaboration that is being fuelled (sic) by the proliferation of mobile and desktop video users. For midsized enterprises, the new RealPresence Video DualManager 400 is a single appliance that gives the IT organisation the intelligent infrastructure they need to make video collaboration always available so that their employees can have more productive meetings with their colleagues, partners and customers.”

The video collaboration solutions offered by the company are designed to drive down costs within the enterprise and provide business grade solutions that are easy to use and secure. According to Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research, the new platform includes full versions of existing Polycom infrastructure solutions, Resource Manager and DMA, which make it faster and easier to add monitoring and device management.

"As the number of video conferencing systems and personal video users grows within an organization, so does the need for centralised device and video traffic management,” he said.

Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager (v8.0) and Polycom RealPresence DMA (v6.0) and the new platform will be made available globally sometime in August. Existing customers with a maintenance contract using Polycom CMA 4000 may be eligible for a free license transfer if they meet certain requirements.

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