Polycom brings video conferencing to tablets

News Article - Thursday, 13 October 2011 11:24

Category: Connectivity

Video conferencing expert Polycom has dipped its toe into the tablet marketplace as business communications solutions go increasingly mobile. The move comes as analysts predict huge growth in the unified communications marketplace.

Speaking to Information Week, Polycom's vice president of mobility and business development Surendra Arora said video conferencing was rapidly being integrated into a wider unified communications framework that covered everything from document sharing to virtual desktop access. Polycom's latest RealPresence Mobile app has a simplified conference call function that allows for clients and colleagues to be added to conversations in an instant.

Mr Arora said that advances are expected to lead to huge growth in the business communications sector if companies can be encouraged to adopt mobile video conferencing. "Today we're a $2 billion (£1.2 billion) industry, but if we want to grow from a $2 billion industry to a $10 billion industry, we're going to have break these barriers down," he told the news provider.

Polycom is part of the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC) and has been campaigning for an open standard for unified communications that would boost interoperability. John Poole, senior director of business development at Polycom, said businesses don't want to think about the underlying technology, they just want a system that works.

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