Polycom adds whiteboard technology to video conferencing solution

News Article - Friday, 28 October 2011 11:16

Category: Connectivity

Video conferencing has begun encompassing everything you would expect from a standard, face-to-face board room meeting and Polycom has even managed to integrate digital whiteboards in to its offering. The firm hopes that this final addition will make its unified communications technology a well-rounded solution that will appeal to practically all businesses.

The inclusion of whiteboard capabilities comes after video conferencing specialists raced to integrate as many disparate technologies as possible - including video sharing, document collaboration and PowerPoint solutions - into an all-encompassing offering. Speaking to Information Week, John Antanaitis, vice president of product marketing at Polycom, said: "The last thing in the room that we were never able to connect was the whiteboard."

Polycom's digital whiteboard shares information with other conference call members via infra-red and allows ad-hoc ideas to be supported with instant, visual representations. The firm believes that the technology will be particularly useful in the medical sector. Mr Antanaitis used consultation room benefits as an example, telling the news provider: "If you're a doctor, you can circle where the tear is in the ligament. All this can be done over distance very clearly."

The company recently allowed for infrastructure-agnostic high-definition video to be included in its video conferencing solutions.

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