Orange take Top Spot for Broadband Complaints

News Article - Wednesday, 19 December 2012 09:52

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Ofcom’s latest telecoms and TV report on complaints data has revealed that Orange has been the most complained about provider between July and September 2012.

Ofcom’s seventh quarterly report, publishes the latest data concerning the most and least complained about major telecoms and pay TV companies. It found that the least complained about service is pay TV and PAYG mobile services, whilst broadband, landlines and contract mobiles all received more complaints.

For landline services, Talk Talk retained their lead of the most complaints during Q3, although it’s fair to say that the number of complaints have fallen sharply for the company over the course of the past 12 months.

This has brought them to a similar standard for landline as other major telephone suppliers Sky, BT Retail, and Virgin Media. It’s thought that the fall in complaints to Talk Talk have mostly to do with the company’s billing errors, which appear to be significantly improved.

However, whilst Talk Talk usually top the complaints tables across the board, Orange generated the most complaints last quarter for its broadband services. It seems that this is related to a change of policy in which Orange notified its customers that they would withdraw their free broadband service unless they signed up for landline rental as well.

In second place was Talk Talk; whilst complaints have dropped month-on-month for the telecoms firm, Talk Talk complaints remain above the industry standard. BT also received more complaints than average and has risen slightly this quarter.

Sky broadband generated the least amount of consumer grievances, with Virgin coming a close second to fulfilling consumer needs.

For PAYG mobile services, T-Mobile generated the most complaints, with 3UK, Orange and Vodafone all falling below the industry standard.

Pay monthly contract complaints reduced significantly across the board over the past nine months, with T-Mobile just edging ahead of Orange; O2 performed well, as it has done all year round.

The figures don’t include the ‘lesser’ providers, such as Tesco, just the top networks. Advice for consumers on how to place a complaint can be found on Ofcom’s website .

"Following our previous report in which we proposed to change the way in which we report on mobile complaints, the report now includes data which distinguishes between mobile phone complaints from ‘pay monthly’ (or ‘contract’) customers and ‘pay-as-you-go’ customers,” the regulators said in a statement.

"This captures the relative performance of operators more accurately, as pay-monthly customers are more likely to complain to Ofcom than pay-as-you-go customers, with around 95 per cent of mobile complaints received by Ofcom coming from pay-monthly customers. The ratios between pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go customers also vary significantly across the different mobile providers,” Ofcom went on to say.

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