Ofcom publish telecoms complaint levels

News Article - Wednesday, 26 June 2013 10:38

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Telecom regulator Ofcom today published the level of reported complaints for major companies for the period between January and March this year.

The 9thquarterly report  saw a slight fall in complaints about telecom companies, mostly due to a reduction in pay-monthly mobile grievances, whilst complaints about landline, broadband and pay-tv stayed much the same as the previous quarter.

Claudio Pollack, Director of Ofcom’s Consumer Group said: "It’s important that providers continue to work to improve their performance.

"We’re committed to providing consumers with valuable information to help them choose a provider that best suits their needs. Consumer complaints also help us to identify where to target any necessary enforcement action and ensure that providers comply with our rules.”

For landline telephone services, TalkTalk was the most complained about company, mainly concerning service faults and the way that queries were handled by customer services. Sky and Virgin Media fared well, with the level of complaints below the industry standard, with Virgin registering the least overall.

Orange/EE1 were the most complained about broadband company, driven for the most part by difficulties experienced in changing provider and service problems. Both TalkTalk and BT generated above average complaints, with Virgin again performing the best.

With regard to contract mobile, T-Mobile generated the most, with Orange and Three also receiving more than the industry standard and O2 performing the best overall. PAYG mobile received so few complaints that Ofcom didn’t include any figures for this.

Ofcom receive around 300 complaints per day, on average, and offer advice on how best to resolve issues in the first instance. Guidance on how to complain about a provider can be found on Ofcom’s website.

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