Microsoft Starts Lync-Skype Integration

News Article - Thursday, 18 April 2013 11:23

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Microsoft has made a start on integrating Lync 2013 with Skype, according to multiple user reports doing the rounds on social networks and The Next Web news site.

The company announced in February that it was to link the two services sometime before June 2013 so it would seem that Microsoft are ahead of schedule. Users are reporting that this has begun by Outlook contacts starting to appear in Skype.

Lync-Skype connectivity is intended for the enterprise market and enables Lync users to connect and collaborate with business partners, such as suppliers, and relies on "the richness of Lync and leveraging the reach of Skype”.

Whilst at the moment just the contacts part of integration has taken place, it’s thought that IM and voice call are to come next, with video calling taking anything up to 12 months for a connected service between the two communications programs.

However, at the moment users of Windows Live can still enjoy connectivity with former Messenger contacts since the IM program was retired. Audio calls are expected to be Lync connected by around June and users will be able to search for Lync users in order to add them as a Skype contact.

So far, Skype has managed to hold off the pressure from other VoIP apps that have begun to somewhat flood the market, remaining the most popular in the world. Integration with Lync will surely only strengthen its position, opening the software up further to more use by the enterprise market.

In order to receive updates, Skype users are advised to download the latest version  of the software and sign in with a Microsoft account.

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