Long distance 100GB Ethernet successfully tested

News Article - Friday, 15 October 2010 14:07

Category: Connectivity

A long distance trial of 100GB Ethernet point to point technology has been successfully completed.

Next generation network specialist Panduit has managed to send 100GB Ethernet transmissions over a distance of 275 metres.

The successful test shows that it is possible to easily exceed 40GB data transfer standards over large distances.

Panduit used a number of cutting-edge technologies to boost data rates - including specially designed optical connectors - and the test was 100 per cent error free.

Dr Brett Lane, fibre research manager with Panduit Laboratories, said: "We are extremely proud to have achieved the longest reach with the most connectivity of any 100GB multi-mode fibre link at this recent interoperability even.

"It was extremely rewarding to witness our performance which is the result of years of research."

A number of US vendors are expected to be involved in a 100GB fibre optic Ethernet showcase at the Supercomputing 2010 show this November.

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