Is 2013 the Year of Video Conferencing?

News Article - Monday, 13 May 2013 11:08

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Business video devices will spike in 2013, as more businesses of all sizes are warming to the idea that video conferencing can be used as a communications tool in the enterprise, both effectively and efficiently.

According to ITProPortal, a recent Canalys UC Market report, this has to some extent been driven by consumer video technologies, such as Skype. This means that there has never been a better time for businesses to look at video collaboration as industry experts predict a spike in uptake between now and 2014.

The article points out that it’s enabling technology that is making this possible, as video for business in the past has been expensive, as well as problematic to use and difficult to implement. However, desktop solutions are now a lot easier to use, as well as being "open, interoperable [and] affordable”.

The trend is also being driven by BYOD schemes it seems, with IT departments responding positively to video-enabled devices. This, it is thought, along with front facing cameras on smartphones, mean that video conferencing is now "an attractive and realistic prospect for enhancing mobile productivity.”

With video and unified communications, workers are sharing and communicating at the same time, doing away with the need for phone calls, email and other follow ups. Now, everything is being done at the same time, with one "seamless collaborative session”.

Interoperability is "the glue that holds the promise of video together”, making for a more open industry and doing away with the need to commit to one vendor for lengthy contracts. All of these factors, along with the increasing trend towards the consumerisation of IT, make 2013 a game-changing year for the uptake of video conferencing in the enterprise.

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