Ignore Marketing Automation at your Peril, Ovum Warn

News Article - Tuesday, 16 July 2013 01:02

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

New research from Ovum’s Digital Marketing and Connected Customer practice warns that businesses who ignore the growing trend towards marketing automation will lose out.

A new report states that marketing automation is becoming central to the "long-term survival” of modern businesses and is becoming an "imperative for attracting and keeping customers”. However, currently enterprises are "making a leap of faith” by investing in marketing automation due to internal pressures.

These are often based in the fear of becoming at a competitive disadvantage and according to Ovum’s research, the trend towards adoption of marketing automation is being driven by "enlightened CEOs and CMOs”.

"Marketing professionals that ignore the significance of automation in the face of stakeholder pressure to be accountable, measurable, and transparent do so at their own peril,” warns Gerry Brown , senior digital marketing analyst at Ovum.

"Automation can provide a much-needed boost to marketing’s credibility. It can change the common perception of marketing being a cost centre (sic) to becoming a valued source of incremental revenue, profit, and customer loyalty.”

This means that many firms will have to restructure in order to accommodate digital marketing, making room for collaborative models that do away with traditional hierarchies.

It’s thought that many users will use marketing automation technology tools and will experiment with campaign and revenue forecasts in order to encourage "what if” scenarios. This means that enterprises will be forced to recruit a different talent mix, including those with creative, technical and analytical skills.

"However, while marketing automation technology is showing explosive growth, it’s not for the fainthearted. Marketing automation also requires dedication and sustained resource commitment to make it fly, especially in the area of data management,” Gerry Brown concluded.

The full report Marketing Automation Technologies: What’s Next for Vendors and Customers?  can be found on Ovum’s website.

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