George Osborne outlines high-speed connectivity investment boost

News Article - Wednesday, 30 November 2011 12:58

Category: Connectivity

In his Autumn Statement, the chancellor George Osborne has outlined plans to invest £5 billion in national infrastructure projects - including a multi-city rollout of high-speed broadband connectivity solutions. Ten cities across the UK will benefit from the fibre optic technology initially - including London, Edinburgh and Glasgow - but more are likely to be announced as the project gets underway.

Mr Osborne claimed that creating a country-wide superfast digital network was vital if the UK was to remain a competitive place to do business. During his announcement, the chancellor told MPs: "See what countries like China or Brazil are building and you'll also see why we risk falling behind the rest of the world."

He added that Britain's cities are key to the success of regional economies and that boosting broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity would ensure they remain world-leading business centres. The new investment is part of a wider plan to connect 90 per cent of the UK population to broadband and ensure 99 per cent mobile phone coverage.

Recently, O2 switched on the UK's first 4G LTE network in London as part of a mobile broadband trial that is expected to last nine months.

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