Gartner revise IT spending down for 2013

News Article - Tuesday, 02 July 2013 10:47

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

New analysis from technology research house Gartner has predicted that global IT spending will see a 2% increase this year, compared to 2012.

Overall, the market is expected to total $3.7 trillion and whilst previous forecasts put US spending at 4.1%, this has now been adjusted due to fluctuations in dollar exchange rates.

"Exchange rate movements, and a reduction in our 2013 forecast for devices, account for the bulk of the downward revision of the 2013 growth," said Richard Gordon , managing vice president at Gartner.

"Regionally, 2013 constant-currency spending growth in most regions has been lowered. However, Western Europe's constant-currency growth has been inched up slightly as strategic IT initiatives in the region will continue despite a poor economic outlook."

Spending on devices has been revised downwards from 7.9% growth in the previous quarter’s forecast to 2.8%. It’s thought that PC sales will also continue to fall this quarter, with no real recovery looking to be on the cards for the rest of the year.

Mobile revenue is expected to increase by 7.4%, whilst tablet devices are expected to see total growth of 2.8%. However, whilst it’s thought that new devices hitting the market will increase sales for tablets, this will be offset by falling PC sales.

With regard to software, it’s expected that enterprise spending will increase 6.4% in 2013, due to the increasing use of CRM software. Operating systems and digital content creation have already been reduced, thanks to the growing SaaS market and changing device demands.

A small increase in telecoms such as fixed broadband and voice of 0.9% will be seen, Gartner predict.

For more detailed analysis, Gartner will be holding a complementary webinar on July 9 at 11am EDT: IT Spending Forecast, 2Q13 Update: The Impact of Mobility on Spending , which will look at spending through to 2017.

More information and resources can be found in the Quarterly IT Spending  section on the Gartner website.

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