Everything Everywhere Urge Government to Step-up 4G Rollout

News Article - Monday, 30 April 2012 11:10

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

Mobile network Everything Everywhere (EE) has begun a campaign to pressure the UK government for faster deployment of 4G. The Orange and T-Mobile merger are asking businesses and other networks to join lobbying, as they fear that Britain is beginning to lag behind other countries in the rollout of 4G, due to bickering over how to distribute the technology.

The UK is currently behind Germany, Scandinavia and the USA in the deployment of 4G airwaves.

"This is a call for attention to be brought to this issue, to stop battling in the background and let us catch up with the other 34 countries that have already launched 4G services," said a spokeswoman for EE.

However, there is some suspicion as to EE’s motives as the company wants to be the first to deploy the technology and has already asked regulator Ofcom if it can reuse its existing 1800MHz spectrum in order to do so.

This has led to complaints from Vodafone as they fear that it will give EE a "head start” and this is not in consumer interests. In fact, the entire process has come in for threats of legal action since the beginning, as mobile companies fight to gain as much of the spectrum as they possibly can.

Whilst 3 have been allocated a fairly large portion, O2 and Vodafone have questioned this, despite the fact that the company have not been allocated enough of the airwaves in the past.

"Delays have been caused by legal challenges and threats of future litigation from various companies as they seek to defend their own commercial positions. While we recognise the need for companies to protect the interests of their shareholders, our role is to promote the interests of consumers," said an Ofcom spokesman.

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