Enterprises Divided on BYOD

News Article - Friday, 05 October 2012 12:13

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

A new study from Insight UK has found that opinion is still fiercely divided when it comes to BYOD schemes, with many suggesting that such schemes cause more problems in the workplace than they solve.

Insight polled over 200 IT managers and directors in the UK with an average annual tech spend of between £50,000 to £100m, with up to 10,000 employees. Companies from a diverse selection of industries were asked how BYOD schemes affected their business.

79% said that they were not in process of setting up a BYOD scheme, but of those who are, or have already implemented one, 82% said that they had seen clear improvements in staff morale.

71% of all respondents said that they did not expect the use of personal devices to impact on productivity in a negative manner; however, 48% said that they imagined a BYOD would incur some cost to the company.

"The hidden costs will be in trying to support iOS & Android and Windows 7 & 8 and Macs when we currently only have one operating system," said one respondent.

More than half of those surveyed said they could see why some companies might go back to a desktop scenario due to worries surrounding security and costs associated with BYOD schemes.

"I don't see this reducing cost for the foreseeable future. Costs will only rise, as once BYOD is in place, it will then swiftly turn to business demand on IT purchasing these devices and providing them to staff, which brings a whole raft of new issues, such as justification, grade specific only, support of devices etc.," said another reply.

Further worries included those associated with paying contributions towards each machine, as well as the infrastructure needed to run the scheme overall, including ensuring adequate security protection. Support costs were also a cause for concern as IT departments would have to adapt to make room for different OS.

67% of those asked said that they believed executives are still likely to BYOD and this above anything else appears to be what divides work forces. At a time when many businesses are tightening their purse strings, the fact that those at the top are given devices makes for resentment through the lower ranks who are feeling the pinch the most.

Ashley Gatehouse, EMEA Vice President Marketing, Insight UK, said: "I think the survey clearly demonstrates that opinions are still divided when it comes to BYOD within the enterprise. Obviously staff welcome the flexibility such strategies bring, but the results also indicate apprehension from many in IT.”

"It's clear that this is an area where businesses are still looking for guidance around implementation and cost, and perhaps one where IT managers might have to come to some kind of arrangement with the needs of an ever-demanding workforce.”

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