Enterprise Offers Tablet Opportunity for Microsoft

News Article - Tuesday, 30 July 2013 11:09

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

New research suggests that enterprise adoption of tablet devices will offer opportunities for both Android and Microsoft, possibly knocking Apple and the iPad off its top perch.

J Gold Associates recently carried out a "broad-based” survey of the use of mobile devices and the strategies that will be deployed in coming years. It was found that tablets should experience a growth rate of 64% annually until 2016 in terms of enterprise adoption.

The growth is expected in enterprises deploying and supporting tablet devices, rather than BYOD. However the latter is expected to see a growth of 31% per year as well.

According to Jack Gold , businesses are looking to invest in tablets, as they have found that acquisition cost is smaller than the overall cost of supporting tablets on a BYOD scheme.

Companies that own the tablets used by their employees expect to have better control over apps that are downloaded and used.

This, Mr Gold believes, means that this offers an opportunity for Microsoft, which is struggling to gain any traction in the tablet market, to increase corporate sales.

However, the analyst believes that it won’t be enough to halt Google’s OS, which is currently the most popular mobile OS across the world: "Android will grow faster and bigger but Windows will grow too,” he said.

"What this does is gives an advantage to the traditional OEM vendors who supply enterprises.”

This is because businesses are much more likely to use suppliers that they have worked with for many years, such as HP, Dell and Lenova. With Windows success in the enterprise, this means that many companies are likely to at least consider using the Microsoft OS.

This is especially the case since many businesses are concerned about the security of Android devices, which have been plagued with well-publicised outbreaks of malware on and off for years. However, there are numerous third-party security products available for the OS and Gold says that overall, the OS has improved.

This, he feels, will be enough for Android to take over the iPad as the most deployed tablets in the enterprise.

However, whether it will be enough to boost Surface tablets to overtake iPad is unlikely, at least for the foreseeable future.

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