Edison: Intel’s Micro-microcomputer

News Article - Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:14

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

As the wearable tech and ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) markets are hotting up in 2014, Intel has announced a tiny computer which is small enough to fit into an SD card casing. The minute machine is based on Quark technology, which was developed in order to power wearable technology and the IoT.

Whilst Quark itself was unveiled back in September 2013, Intel introduced its version at the recent CES 2014 in the first keynote address. The Edison is a dual-core, 22nm system which is built into an SD card housing in order to allow for easy development.

It was revealed yesterday by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, who also took the opportunity to show off a range of a wearable devices, which included earphones with "biometric sensors”.

"It's a full Pentium-class PC in the form factor of an SD card," Krzanich said.

Edison supports multiple OS and supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has its own app store already.

Edison will be available in the middle of this year, Krzanich said. "We believe that Edison will enable rapid innovation and rapid product development," he said.

IoT and wearable tech are expected to explode onto the market this year and can be used for monitoring health, movements during the day and sleep patterns. The technology can also be used to track children whilst walking to school and to monitor babies as they sleep. Further to this, a smart bottle warmer can monitor a baby’s moods and begin to warm a bottle in anticipation of feeding times.

Krzanich also revealed that Intel will be launching a competition in order to encourage innovation when it comes to wearable technology. The contest has a total prize fund of $1.3m, with a top prize of $500,000 and the top ten products being brought onto the market with the help of intel and its partners.

According to the Register, Intel’s Edison is similar to that of start-up Electric Imp, which has built a similar device that has already been on the market for a year. It’s thought that Edison will be on sale by this summer.

It looks to be another exciting year ahead for tech, as more innovative products come onto the market and the PC market becomes less relevant than ever before. It’s thought that the top trends for the year will continue to surround the mobile market, with MDM software rising and more native apps appearing.

IoT and wearable tech are also expected to experience strong growth this year as smart homes and health-related products gain more traction in their respective markets.

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