Businesses are adopting smartphones to boost mobile working

News Article - Friday, 09 December 2011 11:40

Category: Connectivity

Many businesses are planning on abandoning traditional phones in favour of integrated mobile technology and video conferencing solutions as they vie to boost remote working capabilities. According to new figures released by BroadSoft, 82 per cent of businesses have at least some employees that are already using mobile apps in the workplace.

The firm claimed that collaboration appeared to be the driving force behind mobile app adoption - particularly communication solutions like video conferencing. Some 62 per cent of those surveyed claimed that they would be expanding the reach of their unified communications technology to include mobile.

Leslie Ferry, marketing vice president at BroadSoft, said: "Enterprise end-users are demanding their IT department support a consumer-grade communications experience that includes access to advanced communications services and applications across their preferred mobile communication device."

Recently, research specialist IDC claimed that 'bring your own device' was a growing trend among businesses - both those within the IT sector and those outside it. The firm said that there was a tremendous momentum behind the uptake of smartphones and tablets in the workplace.

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