BBC Sports Hits Olympic Record

News Article - Tuesday, 14 August 2012 10:38

By: Kerry Butters Category: Connectivity

BBC Sports hit a record high of 55 million visitors during the Olympic Games, accessed from devices all over the world, with a fair majority from the UK at 37 million. During the Games, there were also 106 million requests for online video, compared to 32 million during the Beijing games.

BBC Olympic smartphone app was also downloaded by almost 2m people across a variety of mobile platforms.

The busiest day overall was the 3 August, when Jessica Ennis featured at the beginning of the female heptathlon and traffic peaked when Bradley Wiggins won gold in the men’s cycling time trials.

Most streamed events were the singles tennis finals, where fans requested 820,000 views to see Scotland’s Andy Murray and Serena Williams take the gold and other popular vids included Usain Bolt, surely the most charismatic Olympian this time around

"Our aspiration was that just as the Coronation did for TV in 1953, the Olympics would do for digital in 2012," said Phil Fearnley, General Manager, News and Knowledge, BBC Future Media.

"We promised audiences would never miss a moment of the Games. We delivered on our promise and will build on this to leave a lasting digital legacy for audiences in years to come."

The UK did itself proud during the games, which many around the world have described as the best ever. Whilst there was speculation that the Brits wouldn’t be able to cope with such a huge event in some quarters, these, alongside worries that mobile and internet connections would fail to cope with increased traffic, have been proved wrong.

However, on Saturday, the number of people who took to London streets for the men’s cycling apparently caused some race data to be late getting to the scoreboards as people tweeted, uploaded photos and Facebooked about the event.

All in all, Team GB and the rest of the country united to take the UK to 3rd spot winning 65 medals, an outstanding performance by our athletes and the organisers, volunteers and all of those involved.

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