Amazon now offers Dedicated Network Connection in UK

News Article - Tuesday, 17 January 2012 15:52

Category: Connectivity

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has begun its Direct Connect service in the UK region with a dedicated direct internet service and a London-based data centre.

Amazon’s dedicated network will allow organisations to connect directly to its network, from their datacentre or co-location operations without a public internet service provider. The Direct Connect services will prove advantageous to small businesses as well as large organisations, as it will lower network costs as well as drastically improve bandwidth quality while optimising a unique network experience. 

The AWS website says that for businesses, “all data transferred over your dedicated connection is charged at the reduced AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate rather than internet data transfer rates."   As analysts at Freeform Dynamic, Dale Vile, suggests that, "Relying on the public internet for core application connectivity introduces a degree of variability and uncertainty around bandwidth, speed and latency that is unacceptable to many large organisations, which are increasingly putting the emphasis on end-to-end quality of service management."

He further added that, "Utilising dedicated links to cloud providers overcomes this and hooking up via incumbent communications service providers can also have benefits in terms of costs, monitoring, troubleshooting and support." 

The key aspect of AWS direct according to Dale will be the ‘secure’ aspect of internet usage within the dedicated network. 

AWS dedicated network will operate from its UK data centre located at Telecity Sovereign House, London. Senior IT decision-makers and analysts concur that this time around AWS will be better prepared to handle data-centre outages to ensure business continuity across organisations using their services.

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