1.3 Billion Mobile Workers Globally by 2015, Says IDC Survey

News Article - Tuesday, 24 January 2012 10:09

Category: Connectivity

IDC’s new survey on Mobile Enterprise claims that in the next three years, more than one billion workers across the globe will be working remotely or as ‘virtual workforce.’ The survey was lead by Stacy Crook a senior research analyst at IDC on mobile enterprise.

The survey shows that of the 1.3 billion workers, 244.6 million will be in Europe, 838.7 million in ‘emerging economies’ of Asia Pacific region and 212.1 million in Canada, Latin America and US.

Speaking to CloudPro, Crook comments that in the US, Latin America and Canada the numbers would only increase from 182.5 million recorded in 2010 to 212.1 million by 2015 as, “Since the entire workforce of these regions went down due to economic crisis, the mobile workforce (as a part of the broader workforce) was reduced as well. We do believe that there were more opportunities for alternative work scenarios as a result of this, but it wasn't drastic enough to offset the fact that the entire workforce was reduced during that time.”

Crook also admits that the ‘mobile workers’ is an all-inclusive term in the survey as, “covering those who work 100 per cent remotely and those who use mobile technologies on a part time basis.”

However, the trends of employees choosing to work from home or remotely are on the increase both in Europe and globally, she concludes.

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