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Leased Line

Leased Line: A permanent telephone connection between two points set up by a telecommunications common carrier. Typically, leased lines are used by businesses to connect geographically distant offices. Unlike normal dial-up connections, a leased line is always active. The fee for the connection is a fixed monthly rate. The primary factors affecting the monthly fee are distance between end points and the speed of the circuit. Because the connection doesn't carry anybody else's communications, the carrier can assure a given level of quality. (Source: Webopedia)

Compare DSL, Leased Line and Ethernet – Internet Access Buyers Guide

Section: Research
This buyer's guide is for those that need help with deciding on the right business connectivity solution.    Choosing which type of dedicated internet access service is the best fit for your organisation depends upon your budget, your organisation’s connectivity and bandwidth needs, the type of network applications which are most typically used and the future plans of your organisation.    Traditional ...   read more

The Falling Costs of Wide Area Networks

Section: Research
Based on pricing data gathered from a selection of Service Providers, we survey what connectivity options are affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. In particular, we examine where wide area networks are today, in particular MPLS and its impact on Wide Area Network costs and based on historic trends, project where they are headed.   We argue that given current trends we are entering an era where sma ...   read more

Alternatives to BT leased lines

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A leased line is defined as a dedicated high-performance circuit leased by a common carrier between a customer and a service provider’s network. It is rented on an annual basis and usually carries voice and data or both. It can be used for internet access or for a private connection between two customer sites. Compared to other internet connectivity options such as DSL products, leased lines are relatively expensive but are supported by a ...   read more

Broadband Performance Testing Tools

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Tools to help you accurately measure broadband connection performance Connection Speed TestAccurately measures connection speed and quality. Test from a number of locations worldwide  read more

Considerations for Site to Site VPNs

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  A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organisation's network. The intention of the VPN is to offer the same kind of connectivity options that users receive from leased lines but at lower costs.   ...   read more

Leased Line Pricing

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For this report, we asked vendors to price three scenarios with the option of either supplying Internet access through their MPLS cloud, or connecting it to the main IT office of an organisation. Each vendor was given the same site locations to quote for.   The following is extracted from the Research Report entitled:  read more

What is the future for leased lines?

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A leased line is service contract between a provider and a customer, whereby the provider agrees to deliver a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two locations in exchange for a rent – hence the term ‘lease’. In the UK leased lines are sometimes referred to as 'Private Circuit' or 'Data Line'.   Leased lines are stated to be more suited for businesses that conduct business online and demand f ...   read more