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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management: Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services to enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context. This is an emerging discipline within the enterprise that has become increasingly important over the past few years as more workers have bought smartphone devices and have sought support for using these devices in the workplace. (Source: Wikipedia)

Carrying the Can - Consumerisation and Enterprise Mobility

Section: Research
There is an increasing trend among employees to want to use their personal choice of mobile device in the fulfilment of their work commitments. While this appears to bring many benefits for the employee to select their preferred device or devices and, on the face of it, reduces upfront costs for their employer, it does introduce significant on-going costs and risks for the organisation.   However, with many appealing mobile consumer devices being offere ...   read more

Are Enterprise Cloud Services the CIO's Key to Innovation?

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There are already signs that CIOs see what needs to be done as they try to move forward. In October 2013, Gartner predicted that cloud computing would grow to represent the bulk of new IT spend by as soon as 2016. As long as CIOs are being pushed to deliver more with less, it is clear tha ...   read more

How CIO's Can Stay Relevant to the Business in a Rapidly Changing Environment

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To stay relevant to the business in a rapidly-changing external environment, the CIO and IT department need to be as agile as the infrastructure they provide to the business, and as open to new ways of working as the broader organisation. Today’s IT agenda, then, is not about keeping things ticking over – i.e. being ordinary and maintaining the status quo. New requirements emerge so quickly that it has become impossible to predict what’s coming down the line, so there is a growing need to ...   read more

By 2014, 90 percent of organisations will support corporate applications on BYOD, Garther predicts

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According to Gartner, the use of mobile devices for consuming work-related video continues to rise, putting more pressure on enterprises to support and manage BYOD schemes. It’s thought that by around 2015, a minimum of 60% of information employees will use a mobile device for work purposes. "Developing and supporting new content management applications and uses is a daunting task for enterprises, which justifiably fear dissatisfaction and low adoption," read more

IP Expo Tomorrow

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The IP Expo begins tomorrow at Earls Court, London and will run for two days with events and seminars surrounding a wealth of IT subjects, including virtualization and a host of keynote speakers. The only enterprise IT event to cover all subjects across IT is to include product launches and demonstrations and entry is free for those who pre-register attendance on the IP Expo website. It’s thought that the event will include ...   read more

Mobile App Development to Leverage Cloud Back-end

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A special report from analyst house Gartner predicts that by 2016, 40% of mobile app development projects will leverage backend cloud services. This could cause development leaders to "lose control of the pace and path of cloud adoption within their enterprises,” Gartner say.

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Tablet Fever Will Boost Videoconferencing

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Nobody could have failed to notice the explosion in tablet devices this year, whilst Apple’s iPad remains the market leader at the moment, Kindle Fire, Surface and Nexus are all snapping at Apple’s heels attempting to knock them off their perch. According to new research from Forrester   read more