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Video collaboration

Video collaboration: Video collaboration (video conferencing and telepresence) has become a powerful tool in the enterprise to improve both revenue-driven and operational tasks.

Extending secure, high-performance video collaboration to any user, anywhere

Section: Research
Successful organisations depend on enterprise-wide video communications to empower virtual teams. The challenge until now has been how to extend secure, high-quality facilities to vital participants outside the company firewall, including mobile users, business partners and customers. This white paper highlights a transformative new approach to ubiquitous, enterprise-calibre video collaboration beyond the firewall, as embodied by Polycom's CloudAXIS. Crucially, ...   read more

Cloud Collaboration - The End of the Faceless Employee?

Section: Articles
Collaboration, in one form or another, has been a growing trend for the past decade. Thanks to the ever-increasing insidiousness of the internet and how vital it’s become to business, a wide range of collaboration tools are now available in the workplace. This is a trend that continues to grow at an astonishing rate, especially since cloud computing and faster internet speeds have meant that we can collaborate in real time across the globe. According to a recent report by Forbes ...   read more

Content Sharing in the Cloud Liberates Team Workers

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It’s no surprise to those in the IT industry that recent research has revealed the enterprise shift to the cloud to be inevitable. 41% of respondents to a survey carried out by AIIM said that they expect cloud will "become the de-facto deployment” over the next 3 years, with many choosing document management and CMS to be in the cloud as a matter of choice within that time. The most likely reason for the move to the cloud is to enable collaboration outside of t ...   read more

The Increasing Benefits of Video Collaboration to the Enterprise

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Video collboration is by no means a new concept, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly relevant to modern enterprises in a competitive marketplace. This is not only because faster internet speeds and the advent of the cloud has increased the necessity and ease of collaborative working practice, but it is also being driven by strong mobile and tablet growth. A study carried out earlier in the year by Wainhouse,   read more

Enterprise Video Growth of 25% Per Annum Driven by Collaborative Working

Section: News
According to recent research carried by research firm MarketsandMarkets, the enterprise video market will see an annual growth rate of 25.9% between 2013 and 2018. The report, Enterprise Video Market – Global Advancements, Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013-2018), provides analysis for the overall enterprise video technology market, breaking it down into sectors such as hardware, software, regions and more. Currently, the market ...   read more

Gartner: Collaboration Apps will be Available on Most Devices by 2016

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New predictions from researchers at Gartner have said that by 2016, the average personal cloud will "synchronise and orchestrate at least six different device types”. This means that whilst the current fragmentation of collaboration and productivity tools creates complexity, this is likely to have been overcome by 2016. By this time, most collaboration apps will be equally available across mobile, tablets, desktops and laptop browsers, enabling workers to effectively collaborate ...   read more

Polycom Unveils New RealPresence Platform

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Leading video collaboration solutions provider Polycom has announced a new RealPresence platform, RealPresence® Video DualManager™. The company also announced that it has updated its RealPresence® Resource Manager software to version 8.0. The latter is intended to allow large enterprises and service providers to support up to 50,000 video users to join from a variety of devices and group video systems. The updated platform is ideal for enterprises participating in BYOD s ...   read more

Video Collaboration & Robots: the next big thing?

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The introduction of the iRobot Ava 500 in June has sparked a lot of discussion on if video conferencing robots will be the next big technology trend. This is perhaps true of large organisations, but the price-entry for robots will make it untenable for the SME. According to TechFlash read more

Wearable Tech to take Enterprise by Storm?

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BYOD could soon be adapted to be known as ‘BYOWD’ (Bring Your Own Wearable Device) if wearable devices "take the enterprise by storm”, as predicted will happen by several recent articles. According to Business Insider, the wearable technology market will be worth $12bn by 2018. The BYOD market is already growing at a rapid rate and is expected to show growth from $67.21bn in 2011 to $181.39bn by 2017. In the "developed” world, it’s now thought that around 44% of workers take th ...   read more

Weston & Polycom Team up to Host Virtual Seminar

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Unified communications (UC) distributer Weston recently teamed up with vendor Polycom in order to run what Weston describe as "the first European channel event to use video conferencing to a mass audience receiving the broadcast in seven locations.” The virtual seminar was co-hosted by Weston VPs Keith Carter and the convergence department’s David Grant, at the event UC Vision, Video Collab ...   read more