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Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) is video conferencing / collaboration 'in the cloud' bringing all the business benefits without the IT headaches. As the video conferencing market expands, businesses of all sizes are evaluating the benefits of moving it to the cloud versus keeping these tasks on-premise.

Tablet Fever Will Boost Videoconferencing

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Nobody could have failed to notice the explosion in tablet devices this year, whilst Apple’s iPad remains the market leader at the moment, Kindle Fire, Surface and Nexus are all snapping at Apple’s heels attempting to knock them off their perch. According to new research from Forrester   read more

Video Collaboration in the Cloud Looks Set to Rise in 2013

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Whilst web-based conferencing is nothing new, a trend we’re likely to see in 2013 is the rise in video collaboration in the workplace. Telecommuting is increasing in popularity and not suprisingly web/cloud-based web meetings are increasingly being adopted as costs lower and they become easy to use.   read more

Videoconferencing is Transforming Information Workers into Remote Workers

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Despite the growing popularity of flexible working, only 60% of UK businesses offer flexible working arrangements to their staff, despite one in four office workers wanting the chance to work around family commitments and from home. However, according to an independent study commissioned recently by Polycom, Inc., remote working is something th ...   read more