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Mobile computing:

Mobile computing' is a form of human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage. Mobile computing has three aspects: mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. The first aspect addresses communication issues in ad-hoc and infrastructure networks as well as communication properties, protocols, data formats and concrete technologies. The second aspect is on the hardware, e.g., mobile devices or device components. The third aspect deals with the characteristics and requirements of mobile applications. (Source: Wikipedia)


Video Anywhere, Anytime: How Mobile Technology is Bringing Video into the Mainstream

Section: Articles
Videoconferencing is set to become a centerpiece of mainstream business communications, and advances in mobile technology are playing a crucial role in the take-up of enterprise video solutions and services. Tablets, smartphones and other mobile technologies are driving up user expectations and becoming increasingly vital collaborative tools. Why mobile matters   read more

Mobility Shapes Consumer Gadget Spending, says Gartner Study

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The consumerisation of IT continues to grow as the latest study from analysts at Gartner has proved. The research has found that household adoption of technology products, which are favouring gadgets and mobile services and those that offer networking capabilities, is shifting faster than expected. This is for the most part due to the way that mobility is shaping consumer behaviour in "fundamental ways”, Gartner say. This is changing the way in which people organise their lives ...   read more

1.3 Billion Mobile Workers Globally by 2015, Says IDC Survey

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IDC’s new survey on Mobile Enterprise claims that in the next three years, more than one billion workers across the globe will be working remotely or as ‘virtual workforce.’ The survey was lead by Stacy Crook a senior research analyst at IDC on mobile enterprise. The survey shows that of the 1.3 billion workers, 244.6 million will be in Europe, 838.7 million in ‘emerging economies’ of Asia Pacific region and 212.1 million in Canada, Latin America and US. Spe ...   read more

4G Auction Bidders Announced

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Ofcom has announced the companies who will be allowed to put in bids for 4G services in the upcoming 4G spectrum auction. The auction, which is the largest sale of mobile airwaves ever in the UK, will allow the following companies to bid for a part of the spectrum: EE (UK); HKT (UK) Limited; 3G; MLL Telecoms and Niche Spectrum Ventures (both subsidiaries of BT), Telefonica and Vodafone. The auction is due to take place next month and bidders will be "competing” to acqu ...   read more

4G Auction Plans Finalised by Ofcom

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Ofcom has published a final timetable for selling off the 4G mobile spectrum in an auction set to take place on the 11 December. The rules and regulations, which have been put in place ahead of the auction, set out in detail the application process (for network providers), through to bidding and the various licenses allocated to use the spectrum, which was previously used for terrestrial TV before the digital switchover. Reserve prices have also been set, totalling &poun ...   read more

4G Spectrum Bidding Begins

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Ofcom has confirmed that applications have been opened for mobile operators to put in bids for the 4G auction, the largest ever sell-off of the mobile spectrum in the UK. The bidding process only had a short window into which to submit their applications, between 10:00am and 16:00pm yesterday, potential bidders also had to provide an initial deposit of £100,000. Ed Richards, Ofcom read more

4G Won't Affect Short-Range Devices

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Concerns that the introduction of 4G will affect short-range devices, such as hearing aids and alarm clocks, have been allayed in a new study by Ofcom which found LTE handsets won’t be powerful enough to produce enough interference. The auction for the 4G spectrum is to begin later on this year, although it’s unlikely that we will see any 4G services until late next year. The concern over interference has come about due to one of the "uplink bands” being close to the spectrum ...   read more

5G and Translation Glasses for Tokyo 2020

Section: News
A 5G network which is 100 times faster than LTE and glasses that make instant translations were just two of the innovations unveiled at this week's CEATEC 2013 IT and electronics show in Tokyo, with the promise that both will be available for the 2020 Olympic games to be held in Tokyo. NTT Docomo will be launching both products and it's thought that the company is currently hoping ...   read more

App sales Reach 40bn for Apple

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Apple announced yesterday that their customers have now downloaded more than 40 billion apps from its store, including re-downloads and updates, and had a record-breaking December, with customers downloading over 2bn apps in that month alone. Indeed, at the App Store , the firm had a great 2012, with almost 20bn apps be ...   read more

Enterprise Offers Tablet Opportunity for Microsoft

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New research suggests that enterprise adoption of tablet devices will offer opportunities for both Android and Microsoft, possibly knocking Apple and the iPad off its top perch. J Gold Associates recently carried out a "broad-based” survey of the use of mobile devices and the strategies that will be ...   read more

Enterprises Divided on BYOD

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A new study from Insight UK has found that opinion is still fiercely divided when it comes to BYOD schemes, with many suggesting that such schemes cause more problems in the workplace than they solve. Insight polled over 200 IT managers and directors in the UK with an average annual tech spend of between £50,000 to £100m, with up to 10,000 employees. Compa ...   read more

EU Proposes Mobile Roaming Charges to be Scrapped

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Expensive roaming charges may soon be scrapped across Europe, if a proposal from the European Commission goes ahead, with charges for incoming calls the first to be being banned by as early as July next year. The proposal needs first to be approved by the 28 members of the EU and European lawmakers before any changes can take place. The move comes as telecom companies struggle with falling revenues and concerns grow over the development of Europe’s broadband infrastructure. ...   read more

Everything Everywhere Urge Government to Step-up 4G Rollout

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Mobile network Everything Everywhere (EE) has begun a campaign to pressure the UK government for faster deployment of 4G. The Orange and T-Mobile merger are asking businesses and other networks to join lobbying, as they fear that Britain is beginning to lag behind other countries in the rollout of 4G, due to bickering over how to distribute the technology. The UK is currently behind Germany, Scandinavia and the USA in the deployment of 4G airwaves. "This is a call f ...   read more

Free Mobile Calling Service to Expand into UK

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US mobile network FreedomPop has signed a deal with Dutch telecoms carrier KPN to bring free calling and texting to Europe, launching initially in Belgium. If all goes well with the test case, it’s thought that the company will expand the service into the UK, Germany, France and Spain. The LA-based company currently offer a free plan to its US customers which allows them to make 200 minutes of voice calls, send 500 text messages and ...   read more

Gartner Predict Cloud will Drive Wearable Devices

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Research analysts at Gartner have predicted that the evolution from personal computer to cloud will drive "invisible, sensor-enabled devices driven by applications and services”. The changes to consumer’s digital lives have already seen a huge transition from PC to personal cloud and it’s this, Gartner say, that is creating a different and new kind of interaction between consumers and connected services. This means that eventually, consumers will shift from PC complete ...   read more

Gartner Predict Upturn in IT Spending

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Gartner has revised its forecast for worldwide IT spending in 2013 due to "projected gains in the value of foreign currencies versus the dollar”. Overall, IT spending is projected to reach a total of around $3.7tn this year, which represents a 4.2% growth rate on spending in 2012, which reached $3.6tn. This has been revised from a forecast of 3.8% growth in 2013 prediction in 3Q12. "Uncertainties surrounding prospects for an upturn in global economic growth are the maj ...   read more

Gartner: Collaboration Apps will be Available on Most Devices by 2016

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New predictions from researchers at Gartner have said that by 2016, the average personal cloud will "synchronise and orchestrate at least six different device types”. This means that whilst the current fragmentation of collaboration and productivity tools creates complexity, this is likely to have been overcome by 2016. By this time, most collaboration apps will be equally available across mobile, tablets, desktops and laptop browsers, enabling workers to effectively collaborate ...   read more

Global IT Spending to Total $3.8 Trillion in 2013

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The latest projection for worldwide IT spending from research analysts at Gartner forecasts that 2013 will see a 4.1% increase on the previous year, topping around $3.8 trillion by the end of the year. It’s also thought that the effect of currency will be "less pronounced” this quarter, with the dollar seeing constant growth for an overall rise of 4% for 2013. The quarterly projections from Gartner are recognised as a "leading indicator” of techno ...   read more

Half of World’s Companies will Require BYOD by 2017

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Approximately half of the world’s companies will require employees to participate in a BYOD scheme by 2017, with businesses no longer supplying devices to workers, analysts at Gartner have predicted. A global survey of CIOs by Gartner’s Executive Programs found that by 2016, 38% of companies said they would stop providing devices to employees, driving the use of mobile users with thier own devices in the workplace upwards. However, some of those asked said they may or may not pr ...   read more

iPad users Frustrated, says Bill Gates

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In a recent interview with CNBC, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is reported to have said that iPad users are frustrated by the lack of Microsoft Office and the ability to type, even if they don’t know it. This means that it’s only a matter of time before Surface and hybrids take the tablet market. However, recent figures from IDC, as we reported last week, show that whilst it’s seen some improvement, Surface is well behind iPad and Android tablets with a tiny proportion of the 253 ...   read more

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