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Mbps: Mbps stands for "Megabits Per Second." One megabit is equal to one million bits or 1,000 kilobits. While "megabit" sounds similar to "megabyte," a megabit is roughly one eighth the size of a megabyte (since there are eight bits in a byte). Mbps is used to measure data transfer speeds of high bandwidth connections, such as Ethernet and cable modems. (Source: Techterms)

Mbps is not to be confused with MBps (megabytes per second ). Mbps stands for millions of bits per second or megabits per second and is a measure of bandwidth (the total information flow over a given time) on a telecommunications medium. Depending on the medium and the transmission method, bandwidth is also sometimes measured in the Kbps (thousands of bits or kilobits per second) range or the Gbps (billions of bits or gigabits per second) range. (Source TechTarget)

Is Network Traffic Monitoring Failing – Customer Complaints Remain Number 1 Problem

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Despite network monitoring tools consuming hundreds and millions of corporate dollars, customer complaints for poor service are at an all-time high consuming even more of the corporate budget. To understand why network monitoring fails in its objective, it is first necessary to examine how the use of networks has transitioned in the last ten to fifteen years. Network traffic patterns have dramatically changed. With few exceptions, the early years of the internet were drive ...   read more

4G Launch Disappointing in some Areas

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EE’s 4G launched today in ten cities across the UK and has received mixed reviews from those testing it, most due to reach, rather than speed, which appears to be as impressive in some parts as promised. However, a poll carried out by The Telegraph suggests that many people won’t bother switching until it becomes available from all ...   read more

4G Spectrum Bidding Begins

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Ofcom has confirmed that applications have been opened for mobile operators to put in bids for the 4G auction, the largest ever sell-off of the mobile spectrum in the UK. The bidding process only had a short window into which to submit their applications, between 10:00am and 16:00pm yesterday, potential bidders also had to provide an initial deposit of £100,000. Ed Richards, Ofcom read more

5G Research Begins

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The 4G row has now been settled and last week we reported that we could see the new mobile broadband service rolling out to some cities at the end of this month, thanks to the existing spectrum owned by EE, who will begin offering the service before the Ofcom auction at the end of the year. Now, Surrey University has received a £35m investment from mobile operators, infrastructure providers and the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund to begin looking into 5G. Work to ...   read more

Apple releases surveillance information

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In the wake of the NSA leak, Apple has joined fellow technology giants in disclosing how many surveillance requests it received from the US government. On Friday, Microsoft and Facebook made similar disclosures. Apple says it has received 4000-5000 requests about its customers since December 2012, whilst Microsoft claim to have received 6000-7000 requests, affecting around 31,000 to 32,000 customer accounts. The disclosures have been made following a   read more

BT Kills Off Traffic Management

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BT has announced that it is to make all but its cheapest products truly unlimited with no restrictions on speeds to be made even at peak times. The move is intended to allow customers better streaming, gaming and using "other bandwidth-eating applications” without going over their download limits or receiving an inferior service. Whilst BT currently offer unlimited packages already, these are often restricted at busy times of the day so that people have trouble using s ...   read more

First UK Cities to get Superfast BB Cash Announced

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The government has announced which UK cities are to get cash for superfast broadband first, with the biggest chunk of the £114m pot going to London, which will receive £25m. The fund, intended to help cities create networks for superfast broadband, has been split and allocated to ten UK cities with Leeds and Bradford getting the next highest award at £14.4m. It’s all part of the UK govs scheme to make Britain one of the fastest broadband infrastructures in Eu ...   read more

Lords Criticise Gov Broadband Plans as Misguided

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Government plans to roll-out superfast broadband has been criticised by a Lords Peer Committee as focusing too much on speed and not enough on reach. The UK government wants the country to have the best superfast broadband services in Europe by the end of 2015. Currently, the UK does not "have a place on the podium”, according to the Lord’s report. At the mom ...   read more

Ofcom in 4G Talks Today

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UK telecoms regulator Ofcom is to meet with mobile operators and Culture Secretary Maria Miller later today, to discuss bringing forward the rollout of 4G services, as well as the possibility of bringing the spectrum auction forward. It’s thought that discussions will include possible plans to have 4G services rolling out as early as May 2013, although this is likely to be through Everything Everywhere (EE), who have already been given permission to use a part of their existing ...   read more

Superfast Broadband for Rural Areas Unlikely by 2015

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The Country, Land and Business Association (CLA) has said that it’s unlikely that the UK will have the best superfast broadband network in Europe by its target date of 2015, as around 15-20% of people living in rural areas are still unable to receive speeds of 2Mbps. The CLA has been lobbying for better broadband in rural areas for the past ten years and has today published a paper, read more