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Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop Video Conferencing: Using a desktop computer with videoconferencing software or a stand-alone videoconferencing appliance. The appliance's screen may also serve as the user's computer screen. Contrast with "room videoconferencing" where participants congregate in front of a camera and watch the screen together. (Source: The Free Dictionary)

Broadband Performance Testing Tools

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Tools to help you accurately measure broadband connection performance Connection Speed TestAccurately measures connection speed and quality. Test from a number of locations worldwide  read more

Video Test

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  read more

Microsoft Lync High Priority in 2013, says Ovum

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Microsoft Lync is a high priority target requirement for CIOs this year, according to David Maloney of Ovum research. According to the Ovum report , 45% of enterprises say that they are planning to extend deployment of Lync services in 2013. Whilst results are said to have been mixed so fa ...   read more

Video Collaboration & Robots: the next big thing?

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The introduction of the iRobot Ava 500 in June has sparked a lot of discussion on if video conferencing robots will be the next big technology trend. This is perhaps true of large organisations, but the price-entry for robots will make it untenable for the SME. According to TechFlash read more

Video conferencing is a 'popular meeting room solution'

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New research has shown that 78 per cent of businesses are either using or planning to use video conferencing in their companies' meeting rooms - outpacing the uptake of desktop video conferencing. The technology is quickly becoming a mainstream solution among businesses and it seems that the next phase of growth will be in desk-based adoption, which offers access to individual employees. Placeholder0According to InformationWeek Research's Desktop Video Conferencing: Rea ...   read more

Videoconferencing is Transforming Information Workers into Remote Workers

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Despite the growing popularity of flexible working, only 60% of UK businesses offer flexible working arrangements to their staff, despite one in four office workers wanting the chance to work around family commitments and from home. However, according to an independent study commissioned recently by Polycom, Inc., remote working is something th ...   read more