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Business ISP-To Switch or Not? A Decision Maker's Guide

If you need help with assessing whether to switch your business ISP or not at renewal, then start here.
This guide will help you and your team assess whether to switch your business ISP at renewal or not; ensure that you make the right decision prior to renewal date and also what questions you need to ask and when. Deciding whether to switch providers is rarely a solo decision, we recommend that you involve your team and end users.
The report includes a worksheet for you and your teams collaboration and covers 14 key criteria to assess including:
-  Network quality and performance
-  Technical support
-  Service level agreement (SLA)
-  Value for money?
-  Future business needs?
-  Industry experience?
-  Same old connectivity services or is your ISP investing in new technologies?
-  Account management
-  Invoicing and billing
-  Organisational inertia
-  Migration planning
-  Internal buy-in
-  Awareness of alternative business connectivity solutions
-  Read the existing contract. 

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