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Compare DSL, Leased Lines and Ethernet Solutions

Compare DSL, Leased Line and Ethernet – Internet Access Buyers Guide

This buyer's guide is for those that need help with deciding on the right business connectivity solution. 
Choosing which type of dedicated internet access service is the best fit for your organisation depends upon your budget, your organisation’s connectivity and bandwidth needs, the type of network applications which are most typically used and the future plans of your organisation. 
Traditional leased lines remain the top choice amongst larger corporations, but their market share continues to erode thanks to the availability of inexpensive alternative solutions such as bonded DSL and Ethernet circuits.  These options offer similar performance at a greatly reduced cost and with a simplified infrastructure installation.
This white paper explores the benefits and drawbacks of each of these three dedicated internet access solutions, along with providing an overview of their costs and installation requirements.  The goal of this document is to provide a baseline upon which to further explore the specific dedicated solution that is the most beneficial to your organisation.
Areas covered:
-  Summary
-  Dedicated internet access services overview
-  Key features and analysis of Leased Line, Bonded DSL and Ethernet solutions
-  Market overview
-  Cost of dedicated internet access services
-  Checklist: what to ask before you decide?
-  Conclusion

Organisation Size
SMB | Enterprise

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Posted: 19-Jun-2009 Format: PDF Length: 15 pages Activity: 35422 views

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