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Digital Britain Report - Impact Assessment

Upgrading and modernising the UK’s digital networks – wired, wireless and broadcast – so that Britain has an infrastructure that enables it to remain globally competitive in the digital world , published in January 2009, outlined the government’s ambition to transform the UK into one of the leading digital economies in the world by 2012 and set out five-high level objectives which needed to be met in order to achieve this goal:
  • Creating a dynamic investment climate for UK digital content, applications and services, that makes the UK an attractive place for both domestic and inward investment in our digital economy
  • Producing UK content for UK users: content of quality and scale that serves the interests, experiences and needs of all UK citizens; in particular impartial news, comment and analysis
  • Ensuring fairness and access for all: universal availability coupled with the skills and digital literacy to enable near-universal participation in the digital economy and digital society; and
  • Developing the infrastructure, skills and take-up to enable the widespread on-line delivery of public services and business interface with government
The interim report contained a total of 22 recommendations which included specific proposals for action by government and industry in the following policy areas:
  •  Next generation broadband
  •  Universal access to current generation broadband
  •  Radio spectrum liberalisation
  •  Public sector broadcasting
  •  Digital radio
  •  Digital content, rights and distribution
  •  Digital participation (media literacy)
Why Digital Britain is important
The government attaches particular importance to establishing the UK as a leading digital economy for several reasons:
  • Digital Britain can make a significant contribution to the Government’s New Industry, New Jobs agenda
  • Digital Britain can play a crucial role in helping the government deliver a number of wider policy objectives
  • Broadcasting, the creative industries and the information and communication technology sector are of major economic importance in the UK
Summary of policy proposals included in this impact assessment
The Digital Britain Final Report brings forward a number of specific policy proposals, decisions and recommendations, some of which were first announced in the interim report published on 29th January 2009. The rationale for these different proposals, and their respective cost and benefits of these measures are summarised below and are discussed in more detail in the individual impact assessments which follow this Executive Summary.

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