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Manage cost and risk of employee mobile devices

Carrying the Can - Consumerisation and Enterprise Mobility

The corporate-liable versus employee-liable balancing act for mobile

There is an increasing trend among employees to want to use their personal choice of mobile device in the fulfilment of their work commitments. While this appears to bring many benefits for the employee to select their preferred device or devices and, on the face of it, reduces upfront costs for their employer, it does introduce significant on-going costs and risks for the organisation.
However, with many appealing mobile consumer devices being offered, the trend is likely to increase, so organisations need to work out suitable strategies and policies to manage this complex and hybrid situation in the best interests of both themselves and their employees.
This research paper covers the following topics:

-  Introduction - the mobile device dilemma
-  Impact of employee choice on cost
-  Impact of employee choice on risk
-  Mobile strategy and policies
-  Conclusions.

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