Point to Point Leased Line

Point to Point Leased Line

The globalisation of most industries has made effective communications a vital element of success for most businesses. To achieve this, a permanent, cost-effective and highly reliable connection between the main business location, its branches and subsidiaries, suppliers and customers may be highly essential.

Understanding Point-to-Point Leased Lines

A point-to-point leased line is the most reliable solution for this communication need and connectivity that modern businesses require. Leased, since the service is paid for with a fixed fee for an agreed upon duration and service capacity.

The fixed points in a private network are connected through dedicated digital circuits that vary in capacity and speeds. This allows businesses to extend the coverage of the business wide area network using secured, highly-reliable and high-speed network connections.  

Who Should Use Point-to-Point Leased Lines?

Point-to-point leased lines is not suitable for personal or residential network connections but would cater primarily for businesses with the following communication or connectivity needs:

• Dedicated connection between two business sites that will be used for voice and data communications
• Dedicated connection between two independent computer networks
• Dedicated connection to the Internet and the multimedia super highway
• Dedicated connection to the public switched data network

The Key Features of Point-to-Point Leased Lines

The following describes the key features of Point-to-Point leased lines:

• Inherent Security: a single dedicated circuit is accessible only to the end users and is not accessible by other parties
• Constant Connection: there is no need to establish a connection between the end users every time data is transferred between sites
• Choice of Bandwidth Speeds: users can choose which bandwidth and speed would be most suitable for their purposes
• Service Level Agreements: levels of service are tailored to the specific needs of the business. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Point-to-Point Leased Lines for Businesses

• Advantages

o Business pay a fixed monthly fee based on an agreed level of capacity.
o Businesses can plan and control communication budget with accessible usage and cost statistic.
o Secured transmissions particularly for critical company information. A leased line cannot be accessed by other parties not specified by the secured networks. 
o Fast and reliable transmission for voice, data and video applications. 

• Disadvantages

o Point-to-point leased lines are the most expensive interconnection between two sites
o Since a line is dedicated to a single user, the user should still pay for all available bandwidth, including those unused. 

What to Look Out For with Point-to-Point Leased Line Services

When looking for point-to-point leased line service providers, you must first determine what type of configuration would cater to your needs. Speed and bandwidth selections should be available and coincide with your service requirements. Select three or more providers and compare their service offerings.

Choose a company that has a large infrastructure that can provide high speed and large bandwidth capacities for their point-to-point leased lines. The company should also be part of a large network of providers across the UK or whatever area you may be in to ensure that you get high quality leased line connections for your needs.

Finally, check into the corporate history of the provider and look for important information such as company financial stability, responsiveness to inquiries and complaints. Aside from that, try to obtain feedback from previous and existing customers regarding the provider’s quality of service.

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